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What is Rock Harbor?

This is a holding site for several interesting sub-sites covering different informational pages. The links below will take you to additional pages of interest to different viewers!

Rock Harbor Consulting Business:
Tim Brown has over 25 years experience in Technology Development and Senior Management. He is available on a Consulting basis. Visit this page to learn more about his skills, capabilities and experience.

Cyber Instruments Web Site:
This site documents Gas Delivery Technology that was developed primarily for the Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry. It has applications in many other industries such as Medical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, etc. Learn more about this exciting technology here!

Land for Sale in Taos, New Mexico:
We have a 3-1/2 parcel of land for sale in Taos, NM. It is situated on the 4th hole of The Taos Country Club. Here you can see photos of the land and learn more about the area.

Pastels by Penny Viscusi:
This site shows the biography of and sample pictures created with Pastels by Penny Viscusi, Vermont Pastel Artists Association. These unique landscapes bring you right into the New England countryside!

Stephanie's photo-journals:
This site documents travel throughout the US and Canada through the eyes of a camera.  

Sample Photos by Stephanie

Baby Elephant
Baby Elephant.
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Image 2
Tetons at Dawn
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